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Instant, Secure Video Calling

  • No plugins
  • Versionless, hassle free updating
  • Compatible with any device
  • Never give out your phone number, use your unique web address instead
  • Client can leave Voice Mails
  • Up-to-10 connections at one time
  • No 3rd party conferencing headaches
  • Tired of importing your contact list somewhere else? Own your contacts!
  • Security? We got you covered. The highest level of security is a standard feature of our app
  • Perfect for Medical, Legal, and Financial uses
  • MSM™ is the easiest to use, most secure app on the market
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MSM™ in the Wild

Unlike other solutions in the market, MSM™ is helping keep your traffic where it belongs - on your website. Now you can make make video calls securely within your brand.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • "MSM's product gave us a whole new way to monetize our site. People will pay to watch our recorded video conference discussions with top medical experts."

    Lawren Pulse, Wellaroo
  • "MySecureMeeting™ brings my client to me in one click of my computer for communication in a secured platform. I’m face to face with my clients, anywhere, anytime removing the boundaries of location. Validating thru visual communication the important points of our meeting eliminates lost opportunities, saves time, and money. Should I need to review…….the meeting is recorded!"

    Michele D. Giampaolo, MCConnections